Newsletter | May 10, 2021

05.10.21 -- mAB Manufacturing, Cell Therapy Platforms, Filling a Vaccine Void and more. Listen to the Business of Biotech Podcast.

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Biopharma Regulatory Requirements With bluebird bio's Scott Cleve

Scott Cleve brings an entire career dedicated to the mastery of global biopharma regulatory standards to his role as VP of regulatory operations and compliance at bluebird bio. Cleve joins the Business of Biotech podcast to discuss the regulatory trends shaping bluebird's pipeline of gene therapies for the treatment of serious, life-altering diseases.

Filling A Vaccine Void With CUE Biopharma's Dan Passeri, J.D.

CUE Biopharma CEO, Dan Passeri, J.D., discusses the development of their Immuno-STAT platform for the selective targeting and alteration of T cells. Passeri shares how the CUE-100 series of candidates in its pipeline are being developed to address a scourge of human papillomavirus (HPV)-related head, neck, and other cancers. 

Supercharging An ADC Program With SOTIO CEO Dr. Radek Špíšek

Since its inception, SOTIO has supported 14 clinical trials of oncology therapeutics developed leveraging multiple platform technologies. On this episode, global CEO Radek Špíšek takes a deep dive into the development, HR, and funding strategies deployed to build the company’s IL-15, immune cell therapy, and antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) candidates.

mAb Manufacturing With Rezolute Bio's Nevan Charles Elam, J.D.

Nevan Charles Elam, J.D., founder of Rezolute Bio, shares the company's rationale for pursuing congenital hyperinsulinism and diabetic macular edema therapeutics by leveraging monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and discusses the company's approach to process development and manufacturing.

Cell Therapy Platform Development With Precigen CEO Dr. Helen Sabzevari

On this podcast episode, Precigen CEO, Dr. Helen Sabzevari, describes how the company is advancing a deep pipeline of immuno-oncology, infectious disease, and autoimmune disorder candidates through the clinic on the back of its UltraCAR-T platform. 



Herman and Erich Bozenhardt have a combined 55 years of bioprocess facilities design and equipment experience, and they’re here to share it all in our fresh Bioprocess with the Bozenhardts podcast series.


Special Edition #1: Leadership During COVID-19 — A Biopharma CEO Roundtable

Five biopharmaceutical industry CEOs discuss challenges their companies have faced, along with best practices implemented, in managing through the COVID-19 chaos.

Special Edition #2: Biopharma And The Management Of Wall St. During A Pandemic

Three CEOs of publicly traded biopharmaceutical companies discuss how they are leading their organizations while also managing the expectations of Wall St. during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special Edition #3: Leading Through Adversity — A CEO Roundtable On Drug Development During A Pandemic

Four biopharma CEOs discuss with Rob Wright, chief editor of Life Science Leader, how they are leading their organizations and conducting drug development during the COVID-19 pandemic.