Liquid Aspiration System - VACUSAFE comfort

Source: INTEGRA Biosciences

The VACUSAFE comfort makes aspiration of liquids very safe, user-friendly and flexible.

VACUSAFE and VACUBOY – Safe aspiration of liquid waste

Laboratory vacuum pumps are commonly used to aspirate liquids such as media from cell cultures or supernatants after centrifugation. Protecting the operator and equipment from contamination by an overflow trap and filter is good laboratory practice when disposing biological, chemical or radioactive liquid waste.

The VACUSAFE combines vacuum pump, collection bottle, overflow protection and filter in an all-in-one liquid aspiration system. Such a closed aspiration system offers the most effective method for containment of hazardous liquids by maximal personal protection.

The ergonomic VACUBOY hand operator and its adapters provide the flexibility to aspirate liquids from a wide range of laboratory containers including cell culture vessels and multi-well plates. The VACUBOY is the perfect match to the VACUSAFE.

Features and benefits:

  • Collection bottle outlet with hydrophobic filters to block hazardous aerosols.
  • Automatic shut-off combined with a signal when bottle is full.
  • Quick couplings to connect tubing for safe bottle installation.
  • Quite operation for pleasant working.
  • One-button operation to adjust vacuum for simple use.
  • VACUBOY included for convenient aspiration of all kind of liquid waste.
  • Space saving design for minimal work space consumption.