Newsletter | June 4, 2019

06.04.19 -- Leveraging Machine Learning For Decision Making In The Lab

Featured Editorial
Beyond Human Error: Are Blunt- Or Sharp-End Decisions More Important In The Life Sciences?
By Jim Morris, NSF Health Sciences Pharma Biotech

Decisions made upstream in the supply chain can have enormous repercussions downstream at the bedside or in the home, where medications are administered. How do we guarantee that the big and seemingly small decisions being made with each batch manufactured will be the “right” ones when there is so much inherent variability around us?

Industry Insights
Whatman Paper Filtration 101 – Part 3: Folding
Article | By Giles Barton, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Part 3 of this series describes various filter paper cone folding techniques. Read on to see the options for getting a good seal over your conical funnel.

Leveraging Machine Learning For Decision Making In The Lab
Webinar | Dassault Systemes Americas

This webinar explores use cases showing how machine learning and analytics can help overcome the challenges facing the biopharma industry through more confident data-driven decisions.

Compressed Air Preparation
Festo Corporation
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