Newsletter | August 11, 2022

08.11.22 -- Inside Gamma Delta T Cells, Innate Immunity & Mouse Models, and more podcast episodes!


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Voices From The Frontline Of Cell And Gene Discovery

An Interview With Dr. Carl June

Dr. Carl June, an HIV gene therapy pioneer and the father of CAR-T cell therapy, joins Cell & Gene: The Podcast to discuss the current state of CAR-T therapy, what's on the short-term horizon for immunotherapy, ongoing manufacturing capacity issues, an update on Emily Whitehead, the first child to receive CAR-T cell therapy on an experimental basis, and more.

Inside Gamma Delta T Cells with TC BioPharm’s CEO, Bryan Kobel

TC BioPharm's CEO, Bryan Kobel, explains gamma delta T cells (GDT) in depth as well as the advantages of using GDT cells as a cell therapy vehicle. He discusses why the publicly traded, clinical-stage cell therapy company conducts and manages all clinical trials in-house as well as the unique challenges and benefits that come along with doing so.


Oligonucleotide Opportunities In DMD With PepGen's James McArthur, Ph.D.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy affects an estimated one in 3,500 male births worldwide. Approved DMD treatments haven't demonstrated strong clinical outcomes, but James McArthur, Ph.D., and his team at PepGen are seeking to change that with a pipeline of disease-modifying peptide-conjugated oligonucleotide candidates derived from the company's Enhanced Delivery Oligonucleotide platform.

Diabetes: Changing The Insulin Paradigm

While renal disease treatment technologies have seen moderate incremental improvements, there hasn't been a step-change advance in diabetes care since the discovery of insulin more than 100 years ago. Arecor CEO Sarah Howell, Ph.D., shares an approach to improving the quality of life for some 200 million insulin-dependent patients worldwide.

Innate Immunity & Mouse Models With LIfT Biosciences' Alex Blyth

Serial inventor and entrepreneur Alex Blyth had long held interests in health and science, but losing his mom to pancreatic cancer was the inflection point that launched LIfT Biosciences in 2016. Now, the preclinical company is on a mission to develop the world's first "off-the-shelf" cell therapy to destroy all solid tumors, irrespective of strain or mutation, beginning with pancreatic cancer.