In-line, Thin Film Deposition System

Source: Vacuum Process Technology, Inc.

In-line, Thin Film Deposition System
The CCS series are in-line multi-functional production systems which are configured for plasma cleaning and magnetron sputtering of metal coatings, and reactive sputtering of functional or decorative coatings
Vacuum Process Technology, Inc. of the Model CCS3 series is the building block approach, which provides a platform for multiple magnetron sources in one chamber or several chambers. This means the production of small lots of a similar product with a different process can be done within a single shift. Reconfiguration of the system to run a wide variety of different processes by changing targets can be done in a matter of hours which facilitates production scheduling of a different product and/or different process.

The system is fully automatic in operation with loading/unloading of substrate carriers – the only operator task required. The control system is based on a PC and PLC platform with graphic screens on the computer indicating system status and process variables. Multiple process "recipes", once developed, are stored and run as dictated by production needs. Manual and semi-automatic modes are included for initial process development and optimization as well as troubleshooting or maintenance.

Additional features of the system include load lock protection for the process chambers, downstream pressure control, gas control, substrate rotation, heating and cooling of chamber and/or substrates, 6-inch viewports and auxiliary ports for RGA, thickness monitoring, temperature measurement or other requirements. Retrofit option for additional chambers are available.

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