News | September 24, 2013

Hamilton Robotics Delivers New High-Tech Liquid Handling Platform

Source: Hamilton Company

The VANTAGEutilizesadvancedtechnologies to provide superior performance for simple to complex pipetting needs

Hamilton Robotics introducesthe Hamilton VANTAGE™ for immediate release. The highly flexible, multi-purpose pipetting platform features a completely new, state-of-the-art linear motor design and contact-free NanoPulse™ pipetting technology covering a wide volume range (100 nL–1mL). This space-efficient and affordable liquid handlerenables users to prepare samples with the utmost precision and traceability, helping to ensuredownstream data reliability.

“The Hamilton VANTAGE caters to all market needs, from a low-cost pipettor to the most complex integratedsystem, and is field upgradable to cover the entire usability pyramid,” saidJose Carle, Vice President of Hamilton Robotics.

The VANTAGE’s expandable design makes it a great instrument for labs with growing needs ornew applications.Labsrequiring increased walk-away time, highthroughputsor largecapacitiescan upgrade their bench-top VANTAGE pipettor at any timewith a Logistics Cabinet,which offers innovativetip and plate shuttling from below the pipetting deckand customizable, smart waste solutions.A telescopic, verticalTrack Gripper can also be added to transport samples from below- or off-deck third-party devices such as thermal cyclers, centrifuges, washers, readers, sealers, peelers andincubators.

“A single verticallyintegrated system can easilyreplace four to six other pipetting robots and offers much more functionality than competitor'splatforms,” said Alvaro Cuevas, VANTAGE Senior Product Manager. “Overall, this saves customers money andenables them to build process redundancy with a second robot at the same price point.”

In addition to the hardware, INSTINCT V software brings easeofuse to the next level with automation intelligence, making VANTAGE accessible to varying user levels. The graphical Assay Editor allows a user to program in a “lab person’s language” while the XSL Editor canbe used for more complex programming tasks. INSTINCT V’s resource-optimized, dynamic Scheduler allows users to run the same or different assays in parallel on an instrument while other users connect remotely to write methods for new assays. INSTINCT V also provides remote system monitoring via smart phones, tablets or any web-enabled device, which increases walk-away time for overnight andweekend runs.

For more information, visit to learn more about the Hamilton VANTAGE and how it brings integrated simplicity to laboratory automation.

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SOURCE: Hamilton Company