Newsletter | January 11, 2005

1.11.05 -- Feature Article: Three Brookhaven Lab Scientists Named American Physical Society Fellows
Top News Stories
Three Brookhaven Lab Scientists Named American Physical Society Fellows
Pall Expands Line Of Proteomics Technologies For Full Range Of Drug Discovery And Development Solutions
Thermo Electron Delivers Total Solutions FT-IR Package For QA/QC Laboratories
Featured Products
NEPHELOstar Galaxy
The NEPHELOstar measures forward light scatter of samples in microplates and offers laboratories a rapid method for checking drug solubility, bacterial and fungal growth, quantification of macromolecules, formation of immunocomplexes, quality control, and more...

Vial Top Labels
Brady's laboratory labels are designed to serve the nation's biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers. These products meet four current labeling challenges associated with sample container tracking...

Upchurch Scientific Brand Conductive Perfluoroelastomer Ferrule
For electrospray applications, try the Upchurch Scientific brand Conductive Perfluoroelastomer Ferrule. As with graphite ferrules, you can apply voltage through a metallic port block or directly through a stainless steel nut, allowing voltage to translate through the ferrule to the flow path...

Tissue Grinders
Wilmad/Labglass offers all of the major styles of tissue grinders including: Dounce, Potter-Elvehjem, Conical, Ten Broeck...

Industry Events
Assuring Pharmaceutical Packaging Compliance
February 7 – 8, 2005
Park Hyatt Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

7th Annual Advancing Technologies in Rapid Methods
February 10 – 11, 2005
Westin Grand Hotel
Washington, DC

Featured Download
Application Note: Continuous Isothermal Titration Calorimetry - cITC
Microcalorimetric instruments and methods are now essential tools for the general understanding of binding thermodynamics of biological macromolecules and specific biological systems...
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