Newsletter | January 20, 2005

1.20.05 -- Feature Article: Suggestions For Keeping A Laboratory Notebook
Featured Article
Suggestions For Keeping A Laboratory Notebook
Under U. S. law a patent is granted to the first to conceive the idea for the invention, not the first to apply for the patent. So a laboratory notebook is essential evidence of the date of conception...

Top News Stories
Illumina Announces Agreement For Sale Of Production-Scale Genetic Analysis Lab
GenSys Earns ‘Top Data Management Product' Award For Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) Enterprise Solution
The Science Center Unveils Bold New Strategic Direction
Featured Products
KODAK Image Station 2000 Multi-Modal Imaging System
The new multi-wavelength illumination feature of the Image Station 2000MM utilizes longer wavelengths (green – near IR) allowing improved penetration of excitation light into tissue and into live plants and animals, enabling research in the growing field of In-Vivo Molecular Imaging...

Hotpack 1500 Series Washers
The Hotpack 1500 washers offers large washer capabilities in an affordable undercounter size. The unit meets tight space requirements without compromising washing quality or productivity...

The THERMOstar is a high performance temperature controlled shaker which accommodates up to 4 microplates. Temperature, shaking speed and incubation time are fully programmable via a keypad, while the status parameters are displayed on the LCD in real time...

Spiral-Link Tubing Coils
These Spiral Link coils expand and contract for quick and easy installation and arrangement of your system. You can move your pump, valve or detector — even make repairs without fear of breaking the connection...

Modular Systems
The Hull Company combines people, technology, facilities, and experience to provide customized modular systems. Our ASME code shop can fabricate finished vessels as well as skid mounted subassembled piping systems to be field erected...

Industry Events
Assuring Pharmaceutical Packaging Compliance
February 7 – 8, 2005
Park Hyatt Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

7th Annual Advancing Technologies in Rapid Methods
February 10 – 11, 2005
Westin Grand Hotel
Washington, DC

Featured Download
Application Note: Production Control Of Sugar Using The Camsizer Digital Image Analysis System
Sugar is a basic food commodity and hence each country has a well-developed sugar industry. Monitoring a product's physical properties, like particle size distribution, is of utmost importance in maintaining consistent quality, and often determines whether the product is accepted or rejected...
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