Newsletter | January 4, 2005

1.4.05 -- Feature Article: Researchers Control Chemical Reactions One Molecule At A Time
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Researchers Control Chemical Reactions One Molecule At A Time
The Secret Life Of Acid Dust
UCSB Scientists Build Nanoscale ‘Jigsaw' Puzzles Made Of RNA
Selective Coatings Create Biological Sensors From Carbon Nanotubes
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NEPHELOstar Galaxy
The NEPHELOstar measures forward light scatter of samples in microplates and offers laboratories a rapid method for checking drug solubility, bacterial and fungal growth, quantification of macromolecules, formation of immunocomplexes, quality control, and more...

Cryovial and Test Tube Labels
Brady's laboratory labels are designed to serve the nation's biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers. These products meet four current labeling challenges associated with sample container tracking: sizing, legibility, durability and increased information requirements...

3119 Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes
Polypropylene copolymer provides greater chemical resistance than polycarbonate and can be autoclaved repeatedly...

Upchurch Scientific Brand Capillary Sample Trap Columns
The Upchurch Scientific Brand Capillary Sample Trap Columns are ideal for separating and concentrating and/or purifying biological samples...

Custom Glassware/Repairs
WILMAD-LABGLASS has the experience and facilities to custom fabricate or modify glassware to meet your specific requirements...

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Brochure: Freezemobile Shell Baths
Shell freezing is the classic method for preparing samples for freeze drying...
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