Newsletter | February 8, 2005

2.8.05 -- Feature Article: New Hotpack Laboratory Glassware Washers And Dryers Brochure Provides Complete Product Line Overview
Featured Article
New Hotpack Laboratory Glassware Washers And Dryers Brochure Provides Complete Product Line Overview
SP Industries is offering a new product overview brochure for its Hotpack brand automatic, laboratory glassware washers and dryers...

Top News Stories
Extreme HPLC System (X-LC) Offers Higher Pressure Than Previously Available
Applied Biosystems And Geospiza Announce Collaboration To Build, Distribute, And Deploy Life Science Laboratory Management Solutions
Enhancements To Thermo Electron's HiPerTOC Analyzer Overcome The Corrosive Effects Of High Salt Samples
Featured Products
RheFlex One-Piece Fingertight Fittings
RheFlex One-Piece Fingertight fitting eliminates the need for separate nuts and ferrules. The convenience of one-piece fittings makes valve plumbing easier and faster...

Omni-Culture Fermenters
The Omni-Culture and the Omni-Culture Plus are integrated one or two liter magnetically coupled Benchtop fermenters suitable for both aerobic and anaerobic studies...

NEPHELOstar Galaxy
The NEPHELOstar measures forward light scatter of samples in microplates and offers laboratories a rapid method for checking drug solubility, bacterial and fungal growth, quantification of macromolecules, formation of immunocomplexes, quality control, and more...

KODAK Image Station 2000 Multi-Modal Imaging System
The new multi-wavelength illumination feature of the Image Station 2000MM utilizes longer wavelengths (green – near IR) allowing improved penetration of excitation light into tissue and into live plants and animals, enabling research in the growing field of In-Vivo Molecular Imaging...

TAM III System
TAM III is the new generation multichannel microcalorimetric system from Thermometric. Up to four independent calorimeter units can be used simultaneously with TAM III...

Industry Events
Lab Equipment Validation & Qualification
March 7 – 8, 2005
Park Hyatt Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

Proven Strategies And Industry Best Practices For CTD/eCTD
Practical Implementation To Meet Global Requirements
March 21 - 22, 2005
Airport Marriott
Philadelphia, PA

Featured Download
Product Insert: LYFO DISK, KWIK-STIK And KWIK-STIK Plus Microorganisms
LYFO DISK, KWIK-STIK and KWIK-STIK Plus Microorganisms are lyophilized, reference stock culture preparations containing a single strain of a microorganism...
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