Newsletter | January 18, 2005

1.18.05 -- Feature Article: CAS Scientists Provide Unique Insights Into Record-setting Volume Of Published Scientific Research
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Top News Stories
CAS Scientists Provide Unique Insights Into Record-setting Volume Of Published Scientific Research
Zix Corporation Chosen By Focus Diagnostics For Laboratory Connectivity Services
New Cable Receptacle Makes HyperGrip Connector Even More Versatile
Featured Products
2225 SolCal
The 2225 Precision Solution Calorimeter is a semi-adiabatic (isoperibolic) calorimeter used for quantification of the heat release or absorbed as a sample is dissolved in a liquid solvent...

Posidyne Positive Zeta Filter Cartridges
Pall Posidyne filter cartridges incorporate a patented covalent charge-modified Nylon 6,6 membrane which exhibits a net positively charged Zeta potential in aqueous solutions...

SP TechCare Validation Services
As the Service & Support arm for the SP Industries Equipment Manufacturing Divisions, SP TechCare is uniquely qualified to provide for all your validation needs...

The PowerLab/8SP is a high-performance recording unit for both Life and Physical Sciences. It is a flexible and powerful tool for the researcher who requires up to 8 input channels...

Industry Events
Assuring Pharmaceutical Packaging Compliance
February 7 – 8, 2005
Park Hyatt Hotel
Philadelphia, PA

7th Annual Advancing Technologies in Rapid Methods
February 10 – 11, 2005
Westin Grand Hotel
Washington, DC

Featured Download
Brochure: Qosina Disposable Snap-Front Lab Wear
Protecting clothing is a snap with new Qosina disposable snap-front fluid resistant lab coats and jackets. This light-weight lab wear made from latex-free, breathable non-woven fibers is a cost-effective way to guard clothing while projecting a professional and hygienic appearance...
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