News | July 28, 2014

Dyzle Partners With Minet Technologies To Offer Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions In Israel

Source: Dyzle

Dyzle BV, the global leader in measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time, has partnered with Minet Technologies, a Tel-Aviv based specialist in the field of procurement and supply chain management, to offer Dyzle’s cold chain monitoring platform to the pharmaceutical and food market in Israel.

Minet Technologies provides procurement and supply chain management outsourcing solutions to customers in Israel, enabling lower costs and optimized process efficiencies within the supply chain. The addition of Dyzle’s solution to its portfolio will provide its customers in Israel with greater assurance of product integrity and product quality for the temperature-sensitive products supply chain. David Inbar, managing director of Minet Technologies said, “Dyzle’s innovative yet proven solution for monitoring temperature and other parameters in key segments of the supply chain will be an important part of our service offering for the cold chain – from manufacturing, to warehouse and mobile transportation.”

He added, “The need to conform to regulatory requirements in industries like pharmaceuticals and foods makes Dyzle’s solution even more relevant for our customers, especially in automated systems for monitoring temperature and humidity. This is because Dyzle’s solution is the first to fit into a GDP (Good Distribution Practice) validated environment, which means that the automated data recording and reporting system is able to meet regulatory compliance.”

Bert Zandhuis, CEO of Dyzle, said, “Minet Technologies have almost 20 years’ experience in the Israeli market to increase revenues for their customers through better procurement and supply chain management. We are confident that our partnership will provide an additional competitive advantage to Israeli customers to address the needs of all aspects of the cold chain logistics ecosystem.”

Dyzle’s real-time cold chain monitoring platform helps provide proof or product integrity of temperature-sensitive products being handled in the food, pharmaceutical and retail logistics cold chain. The open, independent platform can integrate and utilize data collected from any source, whether it is from proprietary systems or legacy technologies, and provides interpretation and analysis of measured variables such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption and CO2.

Through the entire supply chain – from storage to transport and distribution – Dyzle collects data, analyzes it, and makes it visible via a ‘one click’ personal dashboard accessible securely over the web from any internet-enabled device; this enables full visibility of the total cold chain

About Dyzle
Dyzle offers customers undisputable evidence for the quality of temperature sensitive products. From farm-to-fork or production-to-patient, Dyzle is able to monitor the cold supply chain in real-time. With different dashboards for general management, quality assurance (QA) and logistics management, customers in food and pharmaceuticals are able to reduce their cost and unburden the stress of regulatory requirements. For more information, visit

About Minet Technologies
Minet Technologies is a supply chain and procurement professional solutions company. Minet creates for its customers competitive advantage through comprehensive and innovative supply chain solutions including outsourcing of procurement and planning, consulting and project management, new concepts, improved processes, supply chain optimization, and unique software. For more information, visit