CBVP-Z Automatic Surface Tensiometer

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CBVP-Z Automatic Surface Tensiometer
The Tantec FACE CBVP-Z series of automatic surface tensiometers are advanced, microprocessor based instruments based on the precise Wilhelmy Plate Method
Automatic Surface Tensiometers

The Tantec FACE CBVP-Z series of automatic surface tensiometers are advanced, microprocessor based instruments based on the precise Wilhelmy Plate Method. Such an instrument can be used for evaluation of liquid surface tension in studying liquid solubility, coating, wetting, bubbling and permeability. The CBVP-Z can be used to study how liquid surfaces behave or in order to take measurements applicable to QC studies.

There are many advanced functions of the CBVP-Z available which give the researcher maximum flexibility. The microprocessor-based system can load up to 10 different kinds of measuring conditions/parameters with a simple recall function. Variations of surface tension over time can be continuously printed out making this instrument well-suited for measuring changes in surface tension of time for QC purposes, measuring the surface tension of surfactant solutions or measuring the surface tension of high viscosity polymers at elevated temperatures. Output signals such as date, measuring conditions number and results of surface tension can be printed to the printer as well as an optional RS-232 interface or analogue output signal which can help you track such relationships such as temperature versus surface tension.

The FACE CBVP-Z Image Processing Series of tensiometers feature:

Fully automated measurement operation minimizing operator errors and simplifying usage-even infrequent users will find this instrument simple to use
Automatic readout and print out of equilibrated surface tension for complete professional documentation and reporting of results
Precise Wilhemy Plate method offers several advances to the experimenter including:

  • Surface tension measurements with continuous time interval printouts at predefined intervals in order to study the variations in surface tension in the presence of additives such as surfactants
  • * The ability to measure both medium and high viscosity liquids for maximum flexibility
  • * The ability to measure immiscible liquid combinations such as oil and water
  • Complete line of optional accessories for surface tension measurements at different temperatures, interfacial surface tension or for using the du Nuoy ring method of measurement
  • The specimen stage is automatically prewetted meaning no measurement errors are induced by liquid-liquid repulsion leading to the instruments' high degree of accuracy

The Wilhelmy Plate Technique-Advances made over the du Nouy ring Method

While the du Nuoy ring method has greater history behind it and lends itself to simpler instrumentation design, the Wilhemy Plate Technique is widely accepted as the superior surface tension measurement method due to the:

  • The plate used is more stable than the stage of the du Nuoy method where the ring is easily bent and is an added measurement error
  • Wilhelmy plate measurement technique allows for variation in time of surface tension to be measured. The du Nuoy method does not allow for such time-based surface tension measurements as it relies on the detachment phenomenon of the liquid from the ring
  • Ability to measure high viscosity liquids with little affect on the accuracy as these type of liquids provide a larger stress to the balance upon detaching the ring from the liquid surface

Standard CBVP-Z Image Processing Package Includes the following:

Tensiometer, printer and cable 2 platinum plates, 2 glass lab dishes for surface tension, calibration weights, forceps and lamp.

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