News | June 27, 2024

C2N's Precivity Tests Are Now Offered Through Mayo Clinic Laboratories

St. Louis, MO (BUSINESS WIRE) - C2N Diagnostics, LLC (“C2N”), which provides exceptional clinical laboratory services and advanced diagnostic solutions in the field of brain health, has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Mayo Clinic Laboratories, for inclusion of C2N’s Precivity tests in Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ test offerings to its clients.

The Precivity tests are innovative blood tests intended for use in patients 55 and older with signs or symptoms of mild cognitive impairment or dementia. These tests aid healthcare providers in the detection of amyloid plaques in the brain, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, and help inform medical management and treatment decisions.

William G. Morice II, M.D., Ph.D., President & CEO, Mayo Clinic Laboratories says, “By offering C2N’s tests to our clients, they have access to a portfolio of Alzheimer’s disease tests to ensure their patients receive the right answers when they need them most.”

Dr. Joel Braunstein, C2N’s CEO, says, “While C2N Diagnostics continues expanding its own commercial, operational and IT infrastructure in the U.S. and strategic countries, we’re extremely pleased to work with Mayo Clinic Laboratories to broaden access to Precivity testing through Mayo Clinic Laboratories’ global distribution channels, extensive U.S. infrastructure and EMR connectivity. This non-exclusive partnership with Mayo Clinic Laboratories builds on our exclusive partnerships in other select markets. Overall, it demonstrates our commitment to excellence in clinical care and to collaborating with premium diagnostics leaders to make high-performance Alzheimer’s disease tests more accessible to healthcare providers and patients around the world. We look forward to elevating the quality of care for many patients in clinical need.”

The Precivity tests are only available through a healthcare provider’s order. The PrecivityAD2™ and PrecivityAD® blood tests use highly sensitive and specialized laboratory technologies to identify and measure certain proteins that are found in the blood and that are known to be associated with presence of brain amyloid plaques.

The main test result is a multiple analyte-derived algorithm score that determines a patient’s likelihood category for the presence of brain amyloid plaques. Like other high-performance tests that evaluate for brain amyloid pathology in clinical patients (such as amyloid PET scan or cerebrospinal fluid testing), the Precivity blood tests by themselves do not diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Healthcare providers interpret the test results along with other medical information.

All of C2N’s Precivity tests are performed under the ISO 13485:2016 standard and in the company’s CAP accredited, CLIA certified laboratory.

About C2N Diagnostics, LLC
C2N is a specialty diagnostics company with a vision to bring Clarity Through Innovation®. C2N strives to provide exceptional clinical laboratory services and advanced diagnostic solutions in the field of brain health. C2N’s high-resolution mass spectrometry-based biomarker services and products are used for: clinical decision-making to improve patient care, including diagnosis and treatment monitoring; maximizing the quality and efficiency of clinical trials that test novel treatments for neurodegeneration; and providing innovative tools to help healthcare researchers better understand novel mechanisms of disease, identify new treatment targets, and conduct important epidemiologic studies to improve global public health. C2N assays have been used in over 150 Alzheimer’s disease and other research studies throughout the U.S. and the world. This includes landmark treatment and prevention trials involving disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) that are changing the trajectory of Alzheimer’s disease. C2N has ongoing collaborations with multi-national pharmaceutical and biotech companies, leading academic institutions, National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s Association, and other non-profits and consortiums. Over 30,000 Precivity™-related biomarker measures have been reported through peer-reviewed publications, with many more manuscripts currently under review.

The company acknowledges generous support from National Institute on Aging, GHR Foundation, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, BrightFocus Foundation and Alzheimer’s Association. For more information visit

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