White Paper

A Buyer's Guide To Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Systems

Source: Dyzle

One of the great aspects of the modern world is that technology underpins everything, yet we don’t need to know anything about the technology. The majority of us would not know how the chips in our smartphones work, but we know how to make calls, take photos or browse the internet. What we usually look for is features that enable us to do the things we need in our daily lives – whether it is for taking photos, sending emails, internet usage or other capability; and then we look at features like battery life and size to see if it suits our needs.

Using this analogy, the main concern of the cold chain logistics industry is ensuring reliability, accuracy, and security. They need assurance that the products being shipped or stored, whether in the pharmaceutical or food industry, are maintained under the right conditions for them to be safe to use or consume when they reach the customer.