News | April 19, 2017

Brookhaven National Laboratory Joins The OpenMP Effort


Brookhaven National Laboratory has joined the OpenMP ARB, a group of leading hardware and software vendors and research organizations creating the standard for the most popular shared-memory parallel programming model in use today.

One of 10 national laboratories overseen and primarily funded by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biological, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies, computation, and national security. Brookhaven Lab also builds and operates major scientific facilities available to university, industry, and government researchers.

“Advancing the frontiers of high-performance and data-intensive computing is central to Brookhaven’s mission in scientific discovery. We are delighted to have at Brookhaven Prof. Barbara Chapman, a leading advocate and developer of OpenMP and other parallel programming paradigms. Our membership in the OpenMP ARB recognizes the importance we place upon OpenMP for our science portfolio, both now and especially looking to the future,” said Robert Harrison, chief scientist of the Computational Science Initiative (CSI) at Brookhaven Lab and director of the Institute for Advanced Computational Science at Stony Brook University.

“Strong OpenMP membership and continued growth help us in expanding the OpenMP programming model into new fields,” said Michael Klemm, OpenMP CEO. “We are excited to welcome Brookhaven National Lab as an OpenMP member.”

The OpenMP ARB now has 13 permanent members and 17 auxiliary members. Permanent members are vendors with a long-term interest in creating products for OpenMP, whileauxiliary members have an interest in OpenMP and do not create or sell products.

About OpenMP

The OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) has as mission to standardize directive-based multi-language high-level parallelism that is performant, productive and portable. Jointly defined by a group of major computer hardware and software vendors, the OpenMP API is a portable, scalable model that gives parallel programmers a simple and flexible interface for developing parallel applications for platforms ranging from embedded systems and accelerator devices to multicore systems and shared-memory systems. The OpenMP ARB owns the OpenMP brand, oversees the OpenMP specification and produces and approves new versions of the specification. Further information can be found at

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