Validation-Ready Production Operations Platform: BIOVIA Discoverant


BIOVIA’s Process Production Operations solution, BIOVIA Discoverant, is a validation-ready solution for process and quality data access, aggregation, contextualization, analysis and reporting. BIOVIA Discoverant empowers production operations in process industries like life science or specialty chemicals to shorten time to market and maximize profitability by enabling understanding of critical process drivers that drive desired business results, monitoring variability for preemptive action and leveraging opportunities to maximize sustainability.

In today’s process industries, organizations need to ensure and defend market competitiveness as never before. One consequence is that they must maximize efficiency and reduce costs in their production processes. At the same time, they need to control product quality, variability and yield. Additionally these parameters need to be continuously and reliably monitored, with reports and results exchanged with other business areas and contractors for tech transfer and outsourced operations. This is challenging with traditional paper-based processes that rely on time consuming and error-prone manual activities. Gathering and accessing the required data from disparate sources and paper records across the organization in order to make business decisions, needs to be fast but also comply with regulations. Analyzing the aggregated data and generating reports is tedious, non-value-add and error-prone if done manually with spreadsheets. Using un-validated data analysis adds compliance risks to the process. But Process Development, Manufacturing, and Quality depend on the reliable and timely accessibility of analyses and reports used for business defining activities. Sticking to traditional processes will bear regulatory compliance risks, and will cost organizations time, resources and money, ultimately jeopardizing their competitiveness.