News | November 25, 2019

Alliance Laboratories Now Providing Hundreds Of Blood & Pathology Tests In Seven States


Alliance Laboratories, an independent full-service laboratory founded in June of 2000, has announced the milestone of delivering over 20 million test results to patients and physicians in seven states: California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

As an independent, full-service clinical and anatomical pathology laboratory dedicated to providing diagnostic excellence, Alliance Laboratories provides over 500 types of testing in the areas of blood and pathology testing. These are listed in their Directory of Services.

Established in June of 2000, Alliance Laboratories was founded to provide physicians with the tools they need to give the best possible medical care to their patients. From the beginning, their laboratories have used state of the art equipment to assure that all testing is done at the highest level. Their board-certified pathologists and technicians strive to meet the high standards of care their clinical practices extend to their patients.

“As we look toward 2020, we are committed to continuing to serving patients and physicians as true partners in laboratory diagnostics,” said COO Richard Abrazi.

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