Particle Detector For Scattered Ionizing Radiation

Source: First Sensor AG

Particle Detector For Scattered Ionizing Radiation

First Sensor announce a new detector for scattered ionizing radiation. The X10-6’s specially developed epoxy based light blocking glob top allows direct detection of X-ray and gamma radiation without perturbing influences of surrounding light sources. Applications include monitoring of scattered radiation from X-ray and gamma-ray sources to assure workplace safety.

The X10-6 Particle Detector is the first product of a new detector line for ionizing radiation. The new product line will also include super low dark current detectors for high performance applications that will be available with scintillator crystals.


  • X-Ray detector
  • Gamma radiation detector


  • 10 mm² PIN detector
  • Low dark current
  • Low capacitance
  • Light blocking glob top

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