News | February 12, 2014

World Leading Allergen Extract Manufacturer ALK Acquires Bio-Medical Services And The ACTT Allergy Management Program


ALK, the world's leading allergen extract manufacturer, announces the acquisition of Bio-Medical Services, a veterinary reference laboratory who pioneered in vitro serum IgE allergy testing in the veterinary industry.

Since 1923, ALK has exemplified scientific leadership in the field of allergy research, and has remained committed to the treatment of allergic disease in humans. Bio-Medical Services introduced in vitro serum IgE allergy testing to the veterinary industry in 1989, and has a proven track record for treating allergic disease for dogs, cats and horses. With this acquisition, ALK is now positioned to expand its allergy focus to include the very important veterinary allergy market.

“Joining forces with ALK will allow us to provide complete allergy management resources to veterinary dermatologists and general practitioners alike. By leveraging the expertise of both companies, we will enhance and expand the ACTT® Allergy Management program to provide the most comprehensive resource for allergy testing and treatment in the industry. Dr. Keesee and I are thrilled to become part of the ALK team,” stated Pamela Blaine, Director of Marketing for Bio-Medical Services.

“We are excited about welcoming Bio-Medical Services to ALK and the opportunity to expand our knowledge and resources in veterinary allergy. We share the commitment to customer service that BMS customers have known, and to provide allergy testing and treatment solutions that will improve the lives of allergic pets,” stated Jose A. Moreno Toscano, President of ALK-Abello, Inc.

The ACTT Allergy Program with ALK will include serum IgE allergy testing, bulk allergen sales for the veterinary dermatologist, and allergen-specific immunotherapy treatment, including the new ACTT Allergy Drops®, sublingual immunotherapy. Together, ALK and Bio-Medical Services will fight the cause of allergic disease for people and their pets.

“I am excited that the company will go forward in the capable hands of ALK and Bio-Medical Services team members. It has been a long and exciting journey from 1985 to 2014, and I am awed to think about all of the animals that have been treated and helped as a result of serum allergy testing,” stated Rosalie Mandy, CEO of Bio-Medical Services.

The transaction has been closed. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

About ALK

ALK is a research driven, global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis. As the world leader in allergy immunotherapy, a treatment given to increase immunity to substances causing allergic symptoms, ALK is devoted to improving the quality of life for people and pets with allergies by creating products that treat the cause of allergies. ALK and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America have partnered to create a unique online resource on allergy immunotherapy for patients: ALK is also committed to supporting the business of allergy by providing diagnostic tools, automation software and customized business, technical and clinical consulting services.

About Bio‐Medical Services

Bio‐Medical Services is a veterinary reference laboratory specializing in allergy testing and treatment for dogs, cats and horses. Founded in 1989, Bio‐Medical Services was the first laboratory to develop a commercial application for in vitro allergy diagnostics in the veterinary industry. Bio‐Medical Services is based in Austin, TX. Please visit to learn more.


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