07.29.14 -- Collaboration To Aid Asia-Based Patients With Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy Announced

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Benefits And Risks Of (UV) Ultraviolet Radiation
By NuAire, Inc.
Soon after the discovery of microorganisms, biologists began to observe that many varieties of these creatures were able to be incapacitated by exposure to sunlight. Following the discovery of the ultraviolet bandwidth in 1801, scientists attributed the sun’s lethal effect to this invisible energy. Facilitated by the findings of a large body of experimental evidence collected in the decades following these initial hypotheses, contemporary scientists have determined that nearly all bacterial activity can be eradicated or at least attenuated by some wavelength of ultraviolet energy.
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Ensuring Cold Chain Remains Cold And Control Room Temperature Remains Controlled!
Qualification testing for the newest additions to the World Courier Ground Europe suite of vehicles has just been completed at Cambridge Refrigeration Technology (CRT) and the results are looking very impressive.
Effect Of Closure Composition And Processing Parameters On End Product Dryness Over Time
Residual moisture in elastomeric closures can cause degradation of lyophilized drug product. Prior to packaging the drug product, pharmaceutical manufacturers typically wash, steam sterilize, and dry the closures.
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Collaboration To Aid Asia-Based Patients With Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy Announced
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Learn How To Cut Down On Your Microbiological Testing Time
Monitoring the quality of water and beverages is an essential part of safeguarding consumer products and public health. Reliable testing is crucial. Nutrient Pad Sets for membrane filtration are ready-to-use are sterile, dehydrated media.
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