Newsletter | June 3, 2014

06.03.14 -- Taking The Mystery Out Of Moisture Analysis

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Taking The Mystery Out Of Moisture Analysis
By King Snyder, Sartorius Corporation
Pharmaceutical companies monitor moisture to improve the quality and consistency of their products. Take for example a simple aspirin tablet. If the tablet is bottled with too much moisture the tablets can stick together in the bottle or even grow mold. If too little moisture, you might open the bottle and it would be all powder.
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Plugging India Into The Global Cold Chain With Effective Monitoring, Compliance, And Registration
India is a hot topic in the food industry currently, as a result of the EU imposing a ban on the import of mangoes from the country due to quality issues. India is one of the largest producers of mangoes, as well as items like milk, bananas, fruit and vegetables. It is also one of the largest global exporters of meat and poultry, and third largest producer of fish. Food isn't the only sector with such impressive statistics — India is also the third largest pharmaceutical producer, at about eight percent of global production.
PureSure Ensures Removal Of Weakly Ionized
Organic compounds and silica are the species least strongly held by the ion exchange resins. After a period of use, the ion exchange capacity of a purification pack starts to be used up and these compounds are released first even before the resistivity has fallen much below 18.2 MO-cm.
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Particle Detector For Scattered Ionizing Radiation Particle Detector For Scattered Ionizing Radiation
First Sensor Inc. announce a new detector for scattered ionizing radiation. The X10-6’s specially developed epoxy based light blocking glob top allows direct detection of X-ray and gamma radiation without perturbing influences of surrounding light sources.
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First Sensor AG
2 And 4 MP Firewire CCD Camera 2 And 4 MP Firewire CCD Camera
The SPOT Insight is a high quality CCD camera that can be adapted to any microscope for laboratory imaging applications. It’s available in 2.0 or 4.0 megapixel resolution configurations and features 14-bit image capture, low noise, 30 MHz readout for fast frame rates, and a FireWire 1394a interface.
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SPOT Imaging Solutions, a division of Diagnostic Instruments