Newsletter | January 28, 2014

01.28.14 -- Researchers Make 21st Century Adaptation Of The Miller-Urey Experiments

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Development For Safe, Rapid Freeze Drying Of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Purification Fractions
By Genevac Inc.
Drying high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) purification fractions, principally comprising water and acetonitrile, is a routine yet essential task in many laboratories. The requirement is to dry the samples to a powder form, such that samples can be accurately weighed, easily sub-sampled and redissolved.
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Going 'Paperless' — Save Time And Improve Data Integrity
The intensely manual practices of cleanroom classification and routine monitoring are time-consuming and prone to data errors. Particle counter performance and accuracy can vary widely, leading to inaccurate particle counting data.
PureSure Ensures Removal Of Weakly Ionized
Organic compounds and silica are the species least strongly held by the ion exchange resins. After a period of use, the ion exchange capacity of a purification pack starts to be used up and these compounds are released first even before the resistivity has fallen much below 18.2 MO-cm.
Why Monitoring Cold Chain Data Is Not Enough
In the cold chain logistics industry there's a huge change happening. Lots of data is being gathered by wirelessly connected data loggers, sensors, and monitoring equipment.
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Laminar Airflow Laboratory Equipment Laminar Airflow Laboratory Equipment
NuAire laminar flow cabinets deliver a higher level of product protection for work in progress. Ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and improves process accuracy. Customize a NuAire laminar flow hood to meet your research application or clean room requirements.
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NuAire, Inc.
Laboratory Microbalance: ME36S Laboratory Microbalance: ME36S
The Sartorius ME36S is a microbalance for weighing the smallest sample quantities in relatively large amounts of a basic substance, solvent, or substrate.
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