Newsletter | May 27, 2014

05.27.14 -- New Facility To Detect And Respond To Outbreaks Of Infectious Disease

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The New USP Chapter 41 — Are You Compliant?
By Jennifer Camarda, Sales Specialist, Premium Balances and Software, Sartorius Corporation
As of December 1, 2013, significant changes to the USP Chapter 41, a mandatory chapter, became effective and now apply to all materials that must be accurately weighed. USP Chapter 41 has also been renamed from Weights and Balances to Balances and it does not reference the minimum sample weight anymore, but rather it defines Repeatability and Accuracy, which specifies the Operating Range of a balance. The operating range is limited to the maximum capacity of the balance and begins at the point at which the balance's repeatability is less than or equal to 0.10 percent. The weighing must also be performed using a balance that is calibrated over its operating range.
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M2M On The Move: Maintaining Integrity Of Sensitive Goods In Transit
This white paper examines the high-level industry trends and business requirements for high-value asset tracking and the benefits that M2M can bring to the broader transportation segment. It discusses the opportunities and challenges that these trends present for enterprises looking to invest in a solution that provides connectivity and tracking capability.
PureSure Extends The Life Of The Purification
In a conventional water purifier, when a purification pack, fed with RO permeate with a conductivity of 35 µS/cm at 1.5 to 2 liter/minute has reached the stage when output water quality drops below 18.2 MO-cm, it is necessary to change the cartridge, in order to maintain water quality.
Why Monitoring Cold Chain Data Is Not Enough
In the cold chain logistics industry there's a huge change happening. Lots of data is being gathered by wirelessly connected data loggers, sensors, and monitoring equipment. This is sometimes referred to as real-time monitoring or 'near real-time' monitoring.
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