Newsletter | July 22, 2014

07.22.14 -- Lawrence Livermore Biodetection Technology Could Screen For Emerging Viral Diseases

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A Rapid, Sample-Safe, Evaporative Technique For Preparation Of DNA And Oligonucleotide Samples
From SP Scientific
The difficulties of concentration of oligonucleotides and especially tagged oligonucleotides are well documented in the literature. Adverse conditions can damage the sample, and in some cases totally degrade it.
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How To Reduce Cleanroom Costs
As cleanrooms grow in size and sophistication, energy demands go up significantly. Even worse, 24/7/365 operation puts substantial particulate loads on filters, increasing maintenance costs and possibly causing unpredictable — and expensive — cleanroom maintenance shutdowns.
How The PureSure System Works
The PURELAB Ultra features a unique double Labpure purification cartridge pack and monitoring system which provides key benefits to the user.
Optimizing Ideal Conditions For Liquid Chromatography Systems
Sartobind Pico and Sartobind Nano are the laboratory-scale membranes, and due to their small size and high throughput make them perfect for use on automated chromatography systems.
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Lawrence Livermore Biodetection Technology Could Screen For Emerging Viral Diseases
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