Newsletter | February 18, 2014

02.18.14 -- Lab Detective Work Points To Potential Therapy For Rare, Drug-Resistant Cancer

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The Reputational Risk Of Poor Cold Chain Visibility
By Dyzle
In India, the cold chain logistics sector is getting ready for the growing number of large multinational corporations providing their global brand products in India. Several new state-of-the art cold storage warehouses and logistics operations are emerging, to help these international food and pharmaceutical companies to maintain product quality, and ultimately, their global reputation.
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How The PureSure System Works
The PURELAB Ultra features a unique double Labpure purification cartridge pack and monitoring system which provides key benefits to the user.
Banishing The Mysteries Of Evaporation
A variety of sample concentration and evaporation methods are used in laboratories. This article will describe the basic theories of evaporation and concentration, and some of the commonly used techniques.
Removal Of Endotoxin From Monoclonal Antibodies
It is desirable to minimise endotoxins in purified protein preparations prior to their use in cell-based assays. Vivapure® centrifugal anion exchange membrane devices can remove endotoxin from research grade monoclonal antibody solutions simply with high protein recovery.
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