Application Note | August 12, 2014

Fast And Simple Free Fatty Acids Analysis Using UPC2/MS

Source: Waters Corporation

By Giorgis Isaac, Michael D. Jones, Besnik Bajrami, Wassim Obeid, James Langridge, and Patrick Hatcher

The UPC2/MS FFA analysis described provides a simple and fast method with a significant reduction in analysis time compared to alternative techniques such as GC/MS, which requires FAME derivatization. In addition, the organic layer extract containing the lipids can be injected directly into the system, omitting the need for solvent exchange for compatibility with reversed-phase LC methods.

  • Demonstrates the separation of free fatty acid (FFA) species based on chain length and number of double bonds 
  • No derivatization is required, which results in easier and fast sample preparation and eliminates artifact formation 
  • Organic phase lipid extract can be directly injected onto the system, saving time and reducing cost per analysis 
  • Less than three-minute chromatographic separation is up to 10X faster compared to GC/MS 
  • Unlike GC/MS, low volatile and very long chain fatty acids (>24 carbon atoms) can be easily analyzed with UPC2

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