Newsletter | January 14, 2014

01.14.14 -- Continued Benefits Of Stem Cell Research For Tissue Regeneration Reported

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Advances In Sample Preparation For Metabolite Profiling
By Genevac Inc.
A recent study carried out at Nerviano Medical Sciences in Milan has shown that the sample preparation steps employed can be just as important as the analytical steps in generating errors in the process, and require just as much attention when setting up the process. Critical to the process being established within Nerviano's laboratory is the evaporation methodology used when preparing the samples.
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Evaluating Real Time Viability Detectors
Rapid microbiological methods have been around for many years, but have yet to make a significant impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing processes despite the advantages they offer in terms of cost savings and process improvement.
Position Sensitive Detectors
This application note provides background information on what position sensitive detectors are, how they're used, their design, common concerns with their spatial resolution, how they compare to CMOS or CCD image sensors, and how they compare to quadrant photodiodes. The integration of three DL400 Position Sensor Detectors (Or PSDs) into the NuStar X-Ray Satellite is also discussed. For that particular project, the PSDs were used for continuous alignment of the telescope's optics with respect to the sensor unit.
What's The Impact Of Big Data In The Cold Chain?
Anywhere you look these days, people talk about big data. Whether you are in the technology industry, the retail industry, the supply chain and logistics industry, or any other industry, there is no doubt that big data plays a part.
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Continued Benefits Of Stem Cell Research For Tissue Regeneration Reported
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