Newsletter | July 1, 2014

07.01.14 -- Consistent And Efficient Purification Of NGS Library Reactions

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Why The Cold Chain In Healthcare Is So Important, And How Technology Is Enhancing Patient Safety
The recent investment of $1.4M by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation into innovative refrigeration technology to bring a life-saving vaccine cooler to market is an important development. It is an indicator of the need to maintain vaccines at appropriate temperatures to ensure patient safety and to help save lives.
Automatic Detection Of Improper Test Setup Of A Filter Integrity System
Filter integrity testing is a crucial requirement in biopharmaceutical production processes. Automatic test units perform indirect tests to verify the pore size to be as specified for a sterilizing-grade membrane filter.
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Consistent And Efficient Purification Of NGS Library Reactions
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Improve Pipetting Accuracy With New Rainin LR Low Retention Tips
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