Newsletter | December 17, 2013

12.17.13 -- A Safety Guide For Using Laboratory Heating Blocks

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Maximize Return; Minimize Risk (And Other Important Things To Consider When Closing A Lab)
By Tom Burton, President Liquidity Services’ Capital Asset Group
Whether a small enterprise or large institution, many organizations have and will be faced with the challenge of closing a lab. No matter what the size or scope of the closure, the person tasked with closing the facility faces a daunting assignment: millions of dollars in real estate, laboratory equipment, and research devices will need to be redeployed, sold, or disposed of.
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The New USP Chapter 41: Are You Compliant
As of December 1, 2013, significant changes to the USP Chapter 41, a mandatory chapter, became effective and now apply to all materials that must be accurately weighed. USP Chapter 41 has also been renamed from Weights and Balances to Balances and it does not reference the minimum sample weight anymore, but rather it defines Repeatability and Accuracy, which specifies the Operating Range of a balance.
P-725 PIFOC® Positioner/Objective Scanner Datasheet
This datasheet includes a detailed description of the P-725 PIFOC High Precision Positioner/Scanner for Microscope Objectives, as well as information on its features and specifications. To find out how this positioner/objective scanner can assist you in your applications involving biotechnology, autofocus systems, semiconductor testing, confocal microscopy, 3D imaging, disc-drive testing, screening, metrology, and interferometry, download the datasheet.
How To Kick-Start Your CAPA Process
The medical device industry faces the challenge of delivering safe and cost-effective products on time, every time. The pressure to put products into the marketplace is undoubtedly intensified by the strict guidelines enforced by the FDA and other regulatory bodies worldwide.
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A Safety Guide For Using Laboratory Heating Blocks
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Cold Chain Product Integrity: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
Cold Chain Product Integrity: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
Reliance® 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer
Reliance® 380PG Pharmaceutical Grade Washer
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Quality Management Software
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