• Tips For Optimal Pipetting Results

    There are several environmental factors to be aware of when pipetting. They can all lead to inconsistencies in your results. Be aware of the temperature and humidity levels in the room. The smaller the difference in temperature between the pipette, tip and liquids, the more accurate the results. Evaporation of the liquid can be eliminated by humid air; dry air can cause sample evaporation.

  • How To Optimize Your Weighing Process

    Many factors found in the laboratory can influence the behavior of a balance. Learn how to anticipate and regulate them to achieve the ideal settings for your balance and the most reliable weighing results. By Michelle Sheridan, Premium Weighing Sartorius Corporation

  • A Buyer’s Guide To Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Systems

    One of the great aspects of the modern world is that technology underpins everything, yet we don’t need to know anything about the technology.

  • Systematic Method Development Of UPC2 Conditions Using Opioid Drugs

    This application note uses a panel of natural and synthetic opioid drugs to demonstrate the use of a systematic screening strategy for UPC2 method development. By Jonathan P. Danaceau, Kenneth J. Fountain, and Erin E. Chambers, Waters Corporation

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  • NMS Labs And StopDUID.org Sponsor Update Of 50 States DUI Law Compilation

    Working in conjunction with StopDUID.org, NMS Labs has released an updated compilation of the laws in all 50 states dealing with alcohol impaired driving and driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). Dr. Barry Logan, Vice President of Forensic Science Initiatives at NMS Labs, introduced the report saying, “There is a huge increase in awareness among lawmakers and the driving public about the influence of drugs on driving and the consequences of mixing drugs

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Thermal Testing

Thermal Testing

The Thermal Characterization Laboratory provides a combination of modern thermal testing equipment and an

Maximize Containment With The Task-Specific Workstation

Flow Sciences's Task-specific workstations can meet the challenges and end user can experience with other laboratory workstations.

Life Science Audit Management Software

Life Science Audit Management Software

We Provide Audit Management Software Systems to Meet the Needs of Different Life Science and ISO Compliant Companies.

Safety Bunsen Burner, Portable - FIREBOY plus

Safety Bunsen Burner, Portable - FIREBOY plus

FIREBOY plus combines operational safety and maximal mobility. The Triple Safety System provides a continuous flame monitoring, an over temperature control and an adjustable maximal burning time.
Sartorius ProBatch+

Sartorius ProBatch+

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to cover a wide variety of products and at the same time react quickly to changing market conditions. In addition, high safety standards and legally required traceable batch records must be met
Monitor Products In Production, Storage, & Transportation: DyzleLiveWare®

Monitor Products In Production, Storage, & Transportation: DyzleLiveWare®

When a certain temperature limit or storage time is exceeded, you run a great risk of loss and product write off. Continual insight into the conditions under which your products are produced, stored or transported reduces this risk. DyzleLiveWare® helps you achieve this and therefore reduces your lost product write-off costs.

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