• Performance Comparison Of Low Retention Pipette Tips
    Performance Comparison Of Low Retention Pipette Tips

    Pipetting accuracy and precision are the key factors for successful experiments in the laboratory. The best pipetting performance is achieved, when the pipette and the tip match perfectly with each other, and the tip being used is optimal for the liquid being transferred.

  • The Reputational Risk Of Poor Cold Chain Visibility

    In India, the cold chain logistics sector is getting ready for the growing number of large multinational corporations providing their global brand products in India. Several new state-of-the art cold storage warehouses and logistics operations are emerging, to help these international food and pharmaceutical companies to maintain product quality, and ultimately, their global reputation.

  • What's The Business Case For Real-Time Temperature Monitoring And Analytics?

    Whatever industry you are in, modern business requires strong justification for any investments in solutions or technologies that enhance the main business. Often the question is about ‘return on investment’, or ROI.  Typical questions asked by senior management are, ‘What benefit would we get in monetary value from this technology?’ and if they are convinced of the benefit, then ‘How much does it cost?’

  • What’s The Impact Of Big Data In The Cold Chain?

    Anywhere you look these days, people talk about big data. Whether you are in the technology industry, the retail industry, the supply chain and logistics industry, or any other industry, there is no doubt that big data plays a part.

  • Residual Water Content In Freeze-Dried Product: Importance, Location And Distribution

    Freeze drying is carried out to enable long term storage. Water affects many products both chemically and physically, so removing the moisture stabilises the product so that its immunologic potency, viability and integrity are not compromised. By Sophie Koenig, Biopharma Technology Limited

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Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators: miVac

Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrators: miVac

miVac from Genevac is a range of centrifugal concentrators capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates and vials.

Single-Use Cold Chain Temperature Data Logger: CCL100

Single-Use Cold Chain Temperature Data Logger: CCL100

Vaisala Cold Chain loggers record and monitor time and temperature for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and other perishable products during distribution and short-term storage. About the size of a credit card, these single-use loggers are small and flat (61mm x 45mm x4mm) and feature an integrated USB connector that can be plugged directly into the USB port of a computer. Once connected, the logger automatically generates a PDF containing complete time and temperature history, including graphs and summary data.

Regenerated Cellulose Membrane Filters

Regenerated Cellulose Membrane Filters

These solvent-resistant, hydrophilic membrane filters are excellently suited for particle removal from solvents.
Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

These high resolution CCD Cameras feature Flex shifting technology, allowing for greater flexibility in resolution adjustments for a variety of microscopy applications in life science, clinical, and materials research labs. Color and monochrome versions are available, depending on your needs.

Ultra Clear™ RO/CEDI

Ultra Clear™ RO/CEDI

The Ultra Clear™ E-Plus water purification systems from Evoqua Water Technologies combines the proven technologies of pre-purification, reverse osmosis (RO), softening and continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) to produce high quality ASTM type II water.

Cytotoxic Handling Services

Cytotoxic Handling Services

Cytotoxic therapies are attracting considerable interest in drug and development trends. However their very nature requires them to be treated with extreme caution. 

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