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  • A New Approach To Laboratory Efficiency: On-site Instrument Concierge Service

    Scientists are spending an enormous amount of their time and effort simply getting instrumentation to the point that it can be used,” the NRC reports. “This wasted time can be used more productively when a well-functioning repair and maintenance system is in place.

  • Tips For Optimal Pipetting Results

    There are several environmental factors to be aware of when pipetting. They can all lead to inconsistencies in your results. Be aware of the temperature and humidity levels in the room. The smaller the difference in temperature between the pipette, tip and liquids, the more accurate the results. Evaporation of the liquid can be eliminated by humid air; dry air can cause sample evaporation.

  • How To Optimize Your Weighing Process

    Many factors found in the laboratory can influence the behavior of a balance. Learn how to anticipate and regulate them to achieve the ideal settings for your balance and the most reliable weighing results. By Michelle Sheridan, Premium Weighing Sartorius Corporation

  • A Buyer’s Guide To Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Systems

    One of the great aspects of the modern world is that technology underpins everything, yet we don’t need to know anything about the technology.

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Maximize Containment With The Task-Specific Workstation

Flow Sciences's Task-specific workstations can meet the challenges and end user can experience with other laboratory workstations.

Weighing & Lens Cleaning Paper

Weighing & Lens Cleaning Paper

Weighing paper is ideal for analytical weighing of viscous, semi-crystalline or solid substances and the lens cleaning paper is a fine, soft and non-fluffing tissue paper made in silk for cleaning very sensitive surfaces.
Reagent Reservoirs

Reagent Reservoirs

INTEGRA reservoirs have been designed to nest inside each other, making it possible to get twice as many reservoirs in half the space of other products on the market, reducing inventory space requirements and shipping costs.

Cold Chain Product Integrity: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Cold Chain Product Integrity: Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Dyzle is a global innovator in measuring, analyzing, distributing and displaying business process data in real-time, providing complete visibility in the cold chain. Our innovative and world-leading platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution provides our customers with complete and accurate intelligence and automated compliance reports related to the quality of temperature sensitive products.

Automated Microscope

Automated Microscope

The E1000 is an automated microscope that offers an automated operating system that takes advantage of motorized functions to allow optimum viewing with one-touch simplicity...
SyncroCOOL 435 Camera

SyncroCOOL 435 Camera

This remarkable new camera from Syncroscopy is probably the only camera you’ll ever need for your microscopy lab.
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