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  • 10 Basics To Achieving Labwasher Cleaning Validation
    10 Basics To Achieving Labwasher Cleaning Validation

    For pharmaceutical processes, validation is key as it assures consistency, quality, and keeps operations compliant with the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, or cGMP. While the FDA provides proper cleaning validation guidance, challenges occur as interpretation of those procedures may vary between facilities.

  • Remote SDV/SDR: Alternatives To Redact/Fax

    As part of their risk-based monitoring strategy, many sponsors and CROs are using remote techniques to conduct source data review and verification (SDR and SDV).The best implementations out there actually streamline activities at both ends, both for sponsors/CROs and for study sites.

  • Optimizing Methods In Microtissue Cultivation

    Cells grown in standard suspension or monolayer culture lose many features that are characteristic of cells in tissues and limit their use to study certain aspects of cell biology.

  • A New Approach To Laboratory Efficiency: On-site Instrument Concierge Service

    Scientists are spending an enormous amount of their time and effort simply getting instrumentation to the point that it can be used,” the NRC reports. “This wasted time can be used more productively when a well-functioning repair and maintenance system is in place.

  • Tips For Optimal Pipetting Results

    There are several environmental factors to be aware of when pipetting. They can all lead to inconsistencies in your results. Be aware of the temperature and humidity levels in the room. The smaller the difference in temperature between the pipette, tip and liquids, the more accurate the results. Evaporation of the liquid can be eliminated by humid air; dry air can cause sample evaporation.

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Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet 4ft

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet 4ft

Our most popular laminar flow system provides superior and unparalleled product protection.
Cooled Injection Systems: CIS 3 & CIS 4

Cooled Injection Systems: CIS 3 & CIS 4

Features of our Cooled Injection Systems: CIS 3 & CIS 4

Maximize Containment With The Task-Specific Workstation

Flow Sciences's Task-specific workstations can meet the challenges and end user can experience with other laboratory workstations.

Glass Microfiber Filters

Glass Microfiber Filters

Binder free glass microfiber filters are suitable for analytical and gravimetric analyses.Glass microfiber filters with binders are generally used for the air and gas monitoring but also as prefilter.

POMS EAI Modules

POMS EAI Modules integrate with ERP, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), process controls, RF devices, document management, and other E-Business solutions.
Liquid Aspiration System - VACUSAFE comfort

Liquid Aspiration System - VACUSAFE comfort

The VACUSAFE comfort makes aspiration of liquids very safe, user-friendly and flexible.

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