• Results of First Ever REMOTE Clinical Trial
    Results of First Ever REMOTE Clinical Trial

    In the clinical research industry, we’re always evaluating things.  We evaluate drugs and biologics.  We evaluate medical devices.  We also evaluate research techniques.  Yes, we try trials.  We study studies.  That’s what Pfizer was doing when it launched its REMOTE pilot trial in early 2011 – evaluating the effectiveness of a study in which patients participated remotely, without ever having to visit a study site.  How would the results of the REMOTE study compare with those of a similar, completed, conventional study?  Would this innovative research approach be validated? By Laurie MeehanPolaris Compliance Consultants, Inc.

  • IMP Shipments: Too Big, Too Costly, Too Bad

    A client in the UK was initiating a new clinical trial, and shipping forty-two pallets of the IMP to Marken’s pharmaceutical service depot in the testing region created several challenges.

  • Taking The Mystery Out Of Moisture Analysis

    Cereal companies extrude moisture on the production line. The dough has a very tight moisture specification as it goes through the extruder. Too little moisture and the cereal will break apart. Too much moisture and the dough will clog the extruder causing production to shut down.

  • Despite An Airport Strike, Marken Preserves The Data Chain

    Marken collected a shipment from southern Sweden that was bound for next-day delivery in northern Belgium. However, all airline flights into Belgium were cancelled as a result of a strike action by airport workers.

  • Understanding Test And Measurement Equipment Performance In The Laboratory

    Any good Quality Manager knows that assumptions about an instrument can lead to unpleasant surprises during the calibration cycle. Test and measurement equipment play a critical role in most production and development processes. These instruments are used to make decisions regarding the effectiveness of processes and to ensure product quality. By Michael Boetzkes, Quality Manager, Vaisala Canada Inc. Life Science Division

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Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

These high resolution CCD Cameras feature Flex shifting technology, allowing for greater flexibility in resolution adjustments for a variety of microscopy applications in life science, clinical, and materials research labs. Color and monochrome versions are available, depending on your needs.

Autoloading Systems

Autoloading Systems

Hull has supplied patented, highly efficient, totally automated vial handling systems for sterile product freeze-drying.
LaboStar TWF Tap Feed

LaboStar TWF Tap Feed

LaboStar™ TWF ultrapure water purification systems from Evoqua Water Technologies are designed to provide ASTM Type I water from a tap water feed source. The compact design provides up to 1.2 lpm of ultrapure water, needed for many of today’s laboratory applications.

PITTCON 2001: LC/MS Computer-Based Training Program

PITTCON 2001: LC/MS Computer-Based Training Program

Introduction to LC/MS, SAVANT Audiovisuals' new interactive computer-based training program will be shown for the first time at Pittcon 2001
Lyostat 4 Freeze Drying Microscope

Lyostat 4 Freeze Drying Microscope

Freeze Drying Microscopy is a popular and well-established lyophilisation analysis technique.

Monolithic, Polymer-Based Columns

CIM Convective Interaction Media are chromatographic and bioconversion supports based on a highly cross-linked porous monolithic polymer, offering exceptional chemical stability and flow characteristics...
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